About Us

At Rick's we have been providing our consumers with the best quality sweet and salty snacks for more than 35 years.

100% natural snacks, fried and baked combining local and imported raw materials of certified origin both in their origin and in their composition. Added to a production process that takes special care of the result of the products and together with our main element: our collaborators, fully trained in hygiene and health standards.

Our work is governed by quality, hygiene, efficiency, innovation, service, honesty, integrity, respect and good relations with our clients, suppliers and collaborators. We use packaging materials in metallic and transparent laminations that provide a better conservation of the product, keeping it always fresh and crunchy.

Our production is oriented to satisfy the local market, both in supermarkets and in the retail market, with exports to Central America, Mexico and the United States and the Caribbean.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to meet and fulfill the expectations of the market in which we have opportunities for growth and benefits for all our business partners.

Our vision is to be the snack factory that satisfies the taste, desires and flavors requested by our consumers, with the best products depending on the moment, season and time. That results in a better long-term relationship with our suppliers and collaborators.

Our Story


Our adventure in the world of snacks began. We started operations working with products for schools.


We developed family-size products to offer in the country's supermarkets.


We began with our first exports to El Salvador.


We began to automate and accelerate production processes.


We began our first experience with private labels producing products that complemented their assortment for a competing factory in El Salvador.


We produced the concept of private labels for the Paiz organization with its brands Suli and Tops.

Subsequently, the CSU chain (Costa Rica) was associated with its Sabemas brand and AHOLD (Holland) making a single company at the Central American level, and at this time Wal-mart, the largest retail chain who owns the group.


We developed 2 private label projects for supermarket chains in the United States, taking business away from producers in Ecuador and Venezuela.


We built our first website, showing our business in the digital world.


We started exporting products to the Caribbean.


We entered the mass consumption market with small presentations, continuing with the development of private labels.


We redesigned our website and enabled an eCommerce to allow distribution and shipping of our snacks to clientes, distributors and restaurants.

Quality Control

We have production and packaging processes endorsed by the strictest sanitary standards and commercial certification.

Certified producers ISO9000 and ISO 22000

Safe Quality Food – SQF .

Production based on BPM, application of HACCP hygiene control standards, in addition to the parameters of international entities, FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA), Ministries of Health, Livestock and Food and Environment, as well as audits of our business partners.

Application of the HACCP food safety system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a concept that covers biological, chemical and physical risks in food production.

Master Cleaning Plan and Standard Operations Procedures (POE's)

Together with 9 other food companies, we were selected to participate in the Cleaner Production Program endorsed by the Swedish government and the Guatemalan Chamber of Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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